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"Laced look: beautiful and practical!  The new TONICS riding boot “Solar II” with new outsole is in no way  inferior to its predecessor. I is made of high-quality smooth leather and  thus joins the excellent quality of the best-selling model “Jupiter”. The  modern front lacing style makes this boot a real eye-catcher! The  highlight: The elastic lacing is fixed. This allows this boot to be  comfortably closed by the two zippers. There are no annoying hooks! The  elastic insert behind the lacing fits the “Solar II” perfectly to the leg.  The padding at hollow of knee and the integrated ankle cushioning make it  easier to break in and therefore offer a high level of wearing comfort.  The slip-resistant, firmer grip leather on the inside ensures a stable  position for the rider‘s leg. The pre-shaped foot bed and high-quality,  improved outsole also give the rider‘s foot optimum support on the ground  and in the stirrup. And as with all TONICS models, the insole is  removable."



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high ouside bow with new Tonics logo elegant flap for the zippers with two press buttons... more
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  • high ouside bow with new Tonics logo
  • elegant flap for the zippers with two press buttons
  • padding at hollow of knee
  • decorative elastic lacing for improved wearing comfort
  • decorative, elastic laces adjustable, there's no annoying lacing any more
  • elastic insert behind the lacing for optimal width adjustment
  • high- quality smooth and grip leather on the inside
  • two YKK front zippers for easy closing
  • integrated ankle cushioning
  • abrasion protection at outside
  • new outsole
How To: For a long life of all products proper care is particularly important.
There are tips and tricks for the product care of leather & textiles here
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