product care

With the purchase of your TONICS boots or chaps, you bought a high quality product which is made with greatest care out of best material.
Boots and chaps are an important part of your equipment and therefore often exposed to external influences – rain, horse sweat, ammonia and much more have a direct impact on the lifespan of the shows and chaps.
Not only the material and workmanship contribute to a long-term enjoyment of your product, but also your thorough care.


dirt & stains
Heavy external dirt should be removed with some moisture. A wet cloth or a sponge is suitable for this purpose (no hard brushed!). Horse sweat and damp manure have an aggressive impact on the leather and weaken the material in the long run. These remains should therefore be removed immediately after the use of the boots or chaps, to prevent the leather from drying out. Its best to clean the zippers with a small and not too hard brush – here toothbrushes have always worked well.


moisture & wetness
The tall boots or respectively chaps & shoes absorb larger amounts of moisture while they are being worn. Therefore, after use ideally a drying period of at least 12 hours should be guaranteed; depending on the degree of soaking. Under no circumstances should the drying process take place near direct heat sources (heater, oven), otherwise the leather can quickly crack and become fragile. For better drying and ventilation, the removable insole can be removed temporarily.


final care
After cleaning and drying, the shows and chaps should also be treated with a high-quality show polish. Classic saddle soaps and leather balms are generally not appropriate for the care of boots & chaps. A show polish – according to the colour of the leather – is quite suitable if applied thinly and evenly. For protection against external moisture, you can also use a waterproofing spray.

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